Our water supplies have been abused for a long time now and we have grown to accept that we must only drink water treated with Chlorine and we must drink water treated with Fluoride compounds to strengthen our teeth.

These are two of the biggest lies we have been literally swallowing for the last 50 to 100 years.

Fortunately Romania is one country which does not allow fluoridation thank God. For a very full description of the insanity of using fluoride in our drinking water visit www.fluoridealert.org Also you should be aware that toothpaste containing fluoride is a very risky way to try to strengthen teeth. Just read the warnings on a tube of toothpaste telling you that it contains tooth strengthening fluoride. “If a particle larger than a pea is swallowed, please contact a poison centre immediately.” My recommendation is to transfer to a natural type of toothpaste which you can purchase at the local Bio shop. I did this as fast as I could after realizing this danger – to my children!! If it ‘costs more’ – what is your child’s life worth?

Ozone treatment or Hydrogen Peroxide treatment of water is a far more efficacious way to deal with the impurities and the many microbes which could be found present in our water. Ozone is 4,000 to 5,000 times more effective than chlorine. Starting with Paris in Europe, there are many cities which already use Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide to purify their water supplies.


This time it is Biology

You will, of course, know that there are good microbes and bad microbes present in our environment – all around us in fact. Yes both inside and outside our body. It is a scientific fact that our bodies contain millions upon millions of diverse bacteria some of which can be quite harmful and some of which are beneficial. They are so beneficial that if we did not have these bacteria we would not survive as an organism. These beneficial bacteria outnumber the pathogens (the bad bacteria) by roughly 65% to 35%. The beneficial bacteria also keep the bad bacteria in check. If they don’t then we become ill. Finally, and this is the best news of all, the good bacteria are aerobic, which means they thrive in oxygen whilst the bad bacteria are anaerobic and will die in the presence of oxygen.

Now having given you the good news here is the bad news. We regularly consume certain substances which kill off bacteria. We do this quite willingly and freely on the advice of our doctor and also when we need to do so. What are these substances – you say? A very good question! One of them as you probably know by now is penicillin or antibiotic as it is better known today. When you are prescribed antibiotics for some complaint or other such as a bad sore throat or a painful tooth or a septic wound, what most of us don’t realize is that antibiotics are an ‘over-kill’ solution. These drugs sweep out all - yes all our bacteria; the good along with the bad. What many doctors forget to tell us is that the first thing we should do at the end of a course of such treatment is to replace the good bacteria again so that they can take their place within the Immune system and continue protecting us once more – from the baddies – the pathogens. This can be done by eating cheeses especially cottage cheese, yoghurts, Sana and other such dairy foods. You probably have no idea how important these types of food are.

It should be added here that without doubt penicillin has been a major rescue to the tremendous problems of certain infectious diseases but at what cost? You see apart from the problems mentioned here, it is also now known that penicillin and particularly the synthetic types of antibiotic, carry on their purging work after they have been released from the body into the environment. Is this Pandora’s Box?

The second substance which does this you don’t even need a prescription for. It is “prescribed” by your local authorities, who don’t even consult you. You get it every day – out of your tap. Water treated with chlorine. You are probably drinking chlorinated water to make sure that you do not get any pathogens in it. But what is even less well-known is that the chlorine continues to do its ‘sterilizing’ in your body as it passes through and gradually ‘cleans’ the intestine of all those bad bacteria. But since it can’t distinguish between good and bad it simply kills the lot again. And this time there is no ‘end-of-course’ prescribed. Over the years our intestine becomes so ‘sterile’ that the good bacteria we need don’t exist any more leaving the way open for other kinds of disease from which we will suffer as time goes on. Is this where colon cancer comes from?



The incidence of cancer in this country is very high and where this story comes full circle is in the above information. Cancer – it was discovered back in the 1930’s would you believe by a doctor who won a Nobel Prize for his discovery, also depends upon this balance of the aerobic and anaerobic phenomenon. It goes like this: the ordinary normal body cells inside our body (not the bacteria now – pay attention) also live aerobically under normal conditions. That means they live healthily and thrive in an oxygen laden environment. If they are deprived of oxygen for whatever reason they begin to grow cancerous. Cancer cells (which are really ordinary normal body cells – gone wrong) are anaerobic in character and they ‘thrive’ in an environment which does not need oxygen. These cells are in fact; fermenting just like fruit ferments producing alcohol and their chief fuel for this activity is sugar in an acid environment – not oxygen.

Dr Warburg, the doctor I referred to above tells us that if a cell is deprived of 60% of its oxygen it will become cancerous. The good news is that this can be reversed. If the cancer cells are flooded with oxygen they will die and the cancer will be cured. Interestingly cancers cells also die in an alkaline environment as well. (1)

Now if you can “connect the dots” as the saying goes today, you will see not just the similarities in this condition but the direct relationship we are revealing here. You see not only does Chlorine remove the bacteria indiscriminately, but it also removes any oxygen dissolved in our water supply. (2) A natural water supply should also contain a percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide anyway, which is very necessary to the good of our health. It should come from rainwater from the Ozone layer as we described in the last section. Not only is it stripped out by polluting chemicals before the rain ever reaches the earth but what little gets through to the water supply is then completely neutralised and removed by the chemical effect of the chlorine.

It does not take a degree in Medical Biology to realize that these conditions are laying the foundations for cancer to form in the bodies of the people who are subjected to this total abuse. Namely: You and I. Hydrogen Peroxide selectively destroys all the pathogenic bacteria and microbes, etc. whilst leaving those beneficial bacteria unharmed. This is in the nature of things as we say. We also get Hydrogen Peroxide from fresh fruit and other plants. It is present in the mother’s milk at the breast – but not in powder milk of course. And other sources see the section on Air.

The Treatment of Water with Chlorine

In the “Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients”, Joseph Hattersley has this to say about water chlorination: -

Chlorination is inferior water treatment on at least two counts. (1) Although it has greatly lowered infectious waterborne diseases in the US and Canada, chlorination fails against a variety of water problems including parasites, and can seriously harm people who use the water, (2) Its cost is unnecessarily high. As of 1996, Andover, Massachusetts' new ozone treatment costs $83 per million gallons of purified water, only two-thirds as much as the old treatment process. The town saves $64,000 annually in chemicals costs alone, (1) and uses less electricity.” (3)

Conclusion on Water

When you become aware of such information as I have tried to include in these web pages, it would be my firmest hope that a much more efficacious and certainly cheaper solution to many health problems here in Romania as well as other countries with similar difficulties, would be to adopt these simple solutions to preserving the health of the people. Just take the simple step of changing the water treatment system from the use of chlorine to the use of either hydrogen peroxide or ozone. (4) My information tells me that both these processes are 4,000 to 5,000 times more effective and certainly no more expensive. Such systems are already in use elsewhere in Europe. And finally the absolute clinching argument must be that the changeover would mark a vast improvement in the general standard of health of the people which would automatically put a much reduced strain on the requirements of the medical services thus saving an enormous amount in the national budget.

I rest my case.


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  2. All water contains dissolved oxygen (not the combined element in the H2O) which is also removed by the chlorine, leaving the water virtually ‘dead’.

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